Pedaling for exercise produces unexpected energy dividends

Pedaling for exercise produces unexpected energy dividends

Biking isn’t the only invention of interest here; they are also working on transforming salt water to drinking water, and medical treatment that enhances circulation, and much more. This innovation brightens our future.

Manoj Bhargava, the founder of Five-Hour Energy, is one of those people who sees a need and comes up with a solution. And pretty ingenious ones at that!

He happens to be a billionaire philanthropist and will make over a billion people around the world, who are still living without access to electricity, feel like they’re receiving “manna from heaven” with one of the new inventions he’s working on. It’s a hybrid stationary bicycle that produces free electricity.

Hop on, peddle for an hour and Voila!  You’ve just generated enough energy to fuel a small home’s electrical needs for 24 hours. Remarkable!  Pedaling the bike spins a flywheel, which powers the generator. This charges the battery and creates enough power to run lights or a small fan, or charge a cell phone or tablet, or power an operating room, and more. Can you only imagine possibilities and the impact this will have on so many lives! Especially the lives in poor countries, where energy is out of reach for so many. Bhargava plans to release 10,000 Free Electrics in India in 2016. “Our target is to begin with India, but really it can be used anywhere,” he says.

Manoj isn’t interested in spending his billions on himself; instead, he’s completely committed to changing the world. Making a difference is what this noble man’s journey is all about.

Check out Stage 2 Innovations to discover inventive products which will directly impact humanity in a “useful” way. They are focused on the areas of water, energy, and health. It’s so hopeful to find a company that embraces truly “making” a difference in people’s lives, not just talking about it.

This innovative organization and its leader will stand out in history among the great inventors whose revolutionary products changed billions of lives and changed the world in the process.

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