About Kamere

‘Kamere and be inspired.’

ka-mere [come-here], verb

  1. to approach or move toward something
  2. to call attention to an idea, feeling or motivation

Kamere. Because inspiration matters.

Kamere is a purpose-driven media company committed to the power of inspiration. Optimism, happiness, creativity, compassion, empathy, generosity – these are all good things to feel. And even better when shared.

We search high and low to find you the most inspiring quotes, videos, images and stories on the planet. Then we deliver that magic to your laptop or mobile device. Seize your power to search Kamere for the perfect pick-me-up wherever you want. How about a short health and fitness video that makes you feel courageous? We’ve got that! Or a photo essay of Mother Nature’s handiwork that amazes, or a video about kids who are making their mark on the world? We’ve got those, too, along with infinite other possibilities. Simply select from our many topics to boost your mood, and watch us deliver your positively powerful content.

We make it easy to share any story, quote or video that touches your heart, and then your friends can share, and their friends can share and…. Join us in our pretty cool vision of an inspiration revolution that brightens the world.

Kamere Partnerships

We partner with nonprofits, foundations, philanthropists, and organizations that are making a difference in the world. Reach out to us if you have inspiring stories to share. For more information on advertising and sponsorship opportunities, you’ll find us at advertising@kamere.com.

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