Reunion between nurse and patient turns back time

Reunion between nurse and patient turns back time

Amanda Scarpinati suffered severe burns as an infant, and she was nursed back to health by a beautiful, young nurse. Photographer Carl Howard captured their Madonna and child-like tenderness in black and white photos that were included in Albany Medical Center’s 1977 annual report. Swaddled in gauze, the baby peers up from the loving arms of her nurse.

Amanda Scarpinati had always treasured the black-and-white pictures of herself as a tiny infant being cradled by the young nurse, and the memory of that photo gave her comfort when she confronted her scars. She’d been trying for years to learn the name of the nurse who kept her safe. After many years of searching, a Facebook campaign led Amanda to nurse Susan Berger. The cameras are clicking again, this time to capture their story of compassion and caring, reunited.



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