Winning the game first in your mind’s eye – touchdown!

Winning the game first in your mind’s eye – touchdown!

This was an unexpected find for the police and a football coach when investigating activity on the 50-yard line the night before a big game. When the coach is away, the team will….


Paul Vi high school football team: united by the impossible dream

By Jack Bottinger

I no sooner walked in the door of our three-room apartment back in 1971, returning from our regular Friday night pregame meeting , when the phone rang. To our surprise, it was the township police. They inquired if I was the football coach at Paul VI High School. I answered yes and asked if there was a problem. The officer went on to say that our football team had climbed the fence of the township football field and were sitting somewhere around the 50-yard line. He said they were quiet and really not a problem. However, he thought I would like to know. I thanked him and said I would be heading there shortly. I called a couple of the assistants, and we made our way to the field. Because we had no home football field, we played our home games at the local township high school.

We met the police at the locked gate The field was dark and silent. Not a whisper. From that distance, we had no idea anyone was out on the field.     Read more…


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